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Beauty Plan

Frequently asked questions


Do they have medical expertise in facial anatomy? For instance, are they licensed and trained in a field of aesthetic medicine, such as dermatology, cosmetic surgery, or oculoplastic surgery, to name a few.

Dr. John Brady is certified by the Esthetic Skin Institute, Fort Lauderdale, FL to perform Botox cosmetic treatment for nearly ten years.

How many years of experience do they have injecting BOTOX® Cosmetic?

Dr. John Brady has nearly ten years of experience in cosmetic Botox and Juvederm treatments. 

How often do they treat patients with BOTOX® Cosmetic?

Patients are seen weekdays and weekends.

Do they schedule a follow-up visit after treatment?

Follow up appointments are two weeks after treatments, then every four to six months for Botox, and every nine to twelve months for Juvederm. Patients can be seen urgently if the need occurs.

Will they show you before-and-after pictures of other patients they have treated?

HIPPA requires patient's consent to view their photos.

What are the most common side effects they have seen in their clinical experience?

Our most common side effect is minor bleeding and bruising. These are minimized by avoiding Aspirin and Alcohol prior to treatments.

What should you do if you experience any side effects?

If side effects occur - call the office immediately. 

What do they need to know about your medical history? Be prepared to tell your specialist about any medical conditions, including any prescription medications, vitamins, or herbal supplements you are taking.

A complete medical history is taken at the initial visit to review all medications and supplements.